The Author

My name's David, and I'm an amateur writer, hoping to become a not-amateur writer. You can't be a writer without somewhere/something to write, and so I keep this blog. It's both a place to air my opinions and share my thoughts as well as a place to try and develop.

The Northwind

The topics you're most likely to find addressed here range from technology to philosophy to gaming. I'm a bit of a nerd, something of a Mac geek and pretty opinionated. There will be gaps in posting every so often, and my idea of what the blog represents changes over time, but hopefully there'll be something worthy of reading appearing here every two or three days. Scheduling isn't very important to me when compared with the sense that whatever I have to say is worth a few minutes of your time to read.

About Me

I'm a beardy (very) nerd originally from the North of England but currently living more or less in the middle of the country. I work as a software engineer by day and as an aspiring writer and computer game addict on my own time. I'd like to be able to switch those roles: write for my roof and some bread, and able to tinker with software engineering on a hobbyist level.

Beards are something of a specialist subject, odd as that may sound. I've written a few posts on the matter and will no doubt write more. I'm also a keen Apple nerd, having bought my first Macbook in 2008 after already having a number of iPods and iPhones. I essentially booted Windows from my personal life in 2012. I write a fair bit about Apple tech and also proselytise a little on Apps when I find one that I love.

Where else can you find me?

You'll occasionally find me hanging out in a handful of locations:

Facebook I tend to keep to close friends, but you can follow my sporadic public posts. I can also be reached by email and will reply as I am able.